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Newly established, but ready to take on Luxembourg

Esports is not anymore about hiding in the basement and avoiding social live. It is in fact quite the opposite! RelyOn Esports exists in order to form meaningful relationships, between gamers and organisations. For us it is not about being the best in the game, it is about matching and socialising in the team. RelyOn Esports is always happy to get more members as the board believes that diversity is needed in order to make progress. Thus if YOU are a gamer, feel free to join us on our jurney, and help us become the greatest esports organisation Luxembourg has to offer.

"No organisation can function without great (& skilled) members and a diligent board. Thus I would like to thank every each of the active members of this organisation for making all of this a reality." - Yttem

Our Committee

Pol "Kiouji" Greischer
Metty "Yttem" Kapgen
Pol "P K AFK" Kremer
Andy "Kinettikat" Spielmann
Christophe "Zockerwatt" Lech

Our Staff

Céline "Clerylia" Frick
Raoul "Pingunex" Theisen
Jacques "Sisu" Kieffer
Nicolas "Flash" Maitry
Dany "Corrvo" Da Silva